Privacy Policy


This policy issued informs you of our use and protection of information provided to us within this website.

We assure of the protection of valuable and personal information you provide that, it will not be released to third party and will not be used by us for any other purpose not related to this site

Please ensure that you check updates on this website in case of any changes to this policy which is effective on 04/05/2017

As a craftsman who uploads your profile on our website for the sole aim of showcasing your skills and promoting your enterprise, we will collect your name, business name or name by which you will be recognized for your business, address, email address and contact telephone numbers. These will be used for the sole purpose of recognizing you and attesting to your trueness in the best and only way we can verify you. It will be used solely for this website.

We will also use such information you have provided to reach you at such time that may arise as a result of your uploading your profile on our site and showcasing your skills and trade. Also, we may reach you for promotional and research purposes We will not intentionally place you at any risk, but as in all online platform, we request you to safeguard your information and verify all contact with you via this medium before dealing with them as in daily living. We do not and cannot vouch for persons reaching out to you on this website and will not be held liable or responsible for your dealing with them.

If and whenever we provide links to other website from our website, we advise you to take proper precautions as we cannot be responsible for the use of other websites as they are completely out of our control. If you have provided or uploaded any information that you deem as wrong or have changed and are unable to correct them, please write an email to us and we will do the required to correct them.

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