About Us

VendurKraft Limited is a company that specializes in online networking of businesses, with special interest in skills of artisans across the world. It is an open market where the public are put in touch with artisans of all sorts around the world. Artisans or crafts men are always needed, yet we get limited by location and resort to referrals to engage their services. The need can meet use when they are online and get reviewed by people who have engaged their services. This will go a long way to put a check to their incompetence and refer to us the best among them. It is also an avenue for artisans to increase their service base and broaden their market, while exhibiting their skills and refining their age long practices, increasing their professionalism and customer service.

If you are an artisan with proven skill in every endeavour, please choose your location and proceed to your designated skill. You will be able to register and upload your picture for ease of recognition and reference. Most importantly, your proven skill and customer service orientation will be open for comments and referrals. By this App, we hope to take to another level our hard working men and women of skills and encourage them, building up their career and creating a healthy order research paper do my paper for me competition with which a better practice in the blue collar sector will be engendered for best practices.

For the clients who will utilize this platform to engage the services of these artisans. The days of monopoly and haphazard job practises are over. With ever increasing artisan base, you are open to several options, and have the opportunity to comment and review their services, which will build up good craftsmen and highlight the bad you experience with the not too good. In all, the market is open for all.

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