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Welcome to the world of Craft vending, or more literally put...SELL YOUR HANDWORK.

With this app, we want to empower you as an artisan or crafts man to advertise your skills and build a client base across geography by a simple click.

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VendURkraft is for Artisans or craftsmen and other skilled professionals as individuals who have a trade or skill to exhibit and advertise.  It is also for the established and corporate entities that will take advantage of our platform to increase their customer base. Our goal is to expand the scope of all artisans and talented individuals who until now are limited by region and are unexposed so as to integrate them into the online community for fair competition, exposure, and improvement in their manner of interaction and trade practices.  We also seek to bring out the rare talents in those who seek to unleash such amazing skills. We revolutionize the practice of craftsmen so they can reach an amazing audience



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